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Skin  redness  can  be  described  as  visible  and  transient  flushes  of  redness  in  the  skin  due  to  an  increased  blood  flow  to  certain  areas  from  relaxation  of  the  muscles  in  our  blood  vessels  and  commonly  obvious  on  the  face  and  neck.  There  are  numerous  reasons  that  can  cause  reddening  of  the  skin  for  example,  dry  skin  leading  to  red  and  sensitive  skin  from  incorrect  use  of  skin  products  and  treatments,  certain  foods  and  beverages,  medications  and  hormonal  imbalances.  Ongoing  flushing  may permanently  damage  the  capillary  walls  leading  to  dilated  capillaries  and  possibly  rosacea.  Redness  can  also  contribute  to  skin  sensitivity  causing  the  skin  to  be  reactive. 


Having  sensitive  skin  can  mean  you  are  genetically  predisposed,  you  are  born  with  a  naturally  thinner  skin  layers  and  your  blood  vessels  sit  more  superficial  (closer  to  the  surface)  or  acquired  sensitive  skin  that  develops  over  time  from  modifiable  lifestyle  factors. It is important to identify and understand the differences between flushing and potentially having a chronic skin disorder. As mentioned earlier, repeated skin redness and sensitivity can lead to chronic and more permanent damage to the underlying vascular muscles resulting in rosacea.


Rosacea is a skin condition that presents quite commonly in the centre of the face and chin. It affects people with fairer skin, and Caucasians in particular. Classical characteristics of rosacea start with episodic visible and transient redness which progresses and stays visible more frequently and permanently. The continuation of redness is due to the dilated capillaries present on the skin accompanied by inflammation from skin irritation which can eventuate to bumps and lumps that resemble breakouts. The exact cause of rosacea is still being researched but have speculated a combination of influences that may increase the appearance of capillaries and attenuate the chronic condition such as genetics, lifestyle, medications both oral and topical, unsuitable skin products or incorrect skin treatments, and microscopic mites (demodex mite) that live on our skin and feed from our sebum.

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