Why Mask Sheets?

I bet you are all wondering the same thing when you first read the headline! What is so good about using mask sheets?

You can say that Korean women have started this crazy trend and have been using these mask sheets for years, but one would ask... Why would you use these when you can just slap products on your face? Is it necessary?

A single mask is enriched with concentrated serums and hydrators full of vitamins and active ingredients. If you were trying to apply 3-4 products containing all these ingredients, you may end up with too much product on your face, before adding a sunscreen, makeup primer, concealer, foundation and powder! Yikes! Hello cakey makeups!!

Mask sheets are usually designed to be left on your skin for 15-20 minutes and some masks are even safe to be left on overnight (Warning: make sure not to sleep on your expensive pillow case!).

And with just 20 minutes, think about what you can do for your skin - the healthy glow, supple hydration, tightened and clean pores!

The benefits of mask sheets:

- For a busy individual that does not have time for an extensive skincare regime

- Before a special occasion

- For dry, dehydrated skin

- For weekly skin pampering

- For sensitive troubled skin

One more positive thing to add is that there are usually enough serum left over in a pack to apply for the neck and décolletage - your body will love you back for it!

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